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A Partnership of the Heart
The   Stan   &   Jan   Berenstain   Healthy   Kid   Foundation’s   newest   partnership   is   with   the   Heart   to   Heart Foundation.   This   partnership   came   about,   in   part,   through   the   efforts   of   Mike   Berenstain’s   wife,   Dr. Laura   K.   Diaz.   Laura   is   a   pediatric   cardiac   anesthesiologist.   She   was   part   of   a   team   of   medical personnel   which   was   organized   by   Heart   to   Heart   to   travel   to   Tomsk   in   Siberia   to   train   Russian pediatric   cardiac   teams   in   surgical   techniques.   Heart   to   Heart   is   expanding   their   program   to   Peru   and asked   the   Berenstain   Foundation   to   provide   support   and   funding   for   this   effort.   Detailed   info   about their Russian program  is available on their website . In      May      2015,      Heart      to      Heart      Founder      &      Medical      Director,      Dr.      Nilas   Young,      and      Executive Director,      Josie      Everett,      traveled      to      Lima      to      discuss      our      program      model      with      Peru’s   cardiac     leaders.      The      demand      for      heart      surgery      in      Peru      today      greatly      exceeds      capacity. At      the      present     time,      open      heart      surgery      is      available      on      a      very      limited      basis,      and      only   in      the      capital      city      of     Lima,      home      to      around      one-third      of      the      nation’s      population.      This   means      that      less      than      33%      of     the  children  and  adults  in  Peru  have  access  to  life-saving cardiac care. CHD      occurs      in      roughly      1%      of      all      births      worldwide:      each      year      in      Peru      6,000      children      are   born     with      heart      disease,      the      vast      majority      of      whom      will      join      a      waiting      list      for      life-saving      surgery.     And      an      estimated      300,000      adults      in      Peru      have      valvular      heart      disease:   the   vast   majority   of   them must also wait. During      the      site      assessment      trip,      Heart      to      Heart      held      a      week-long      series      of      meetings      to   assess     the      viability      of      a      multiyear      collaboration      whose      goal      would      be      to      develop      the   capacity   to   treat underserved   heart   patients   throughout   the   country   of   Peru.   The      series      of      meetings      included      site     visits      to      three      medical      institutions      and      discussions   with      leaders      from      five      different      cardiac     teams  –  each  with  varying  capacity  to  treat patients with heart disease. After         extensive         meetings         were         held         to         exchange         information,         thought         leaders   envisioned     and      shared      scenarios      about      how      to      structure      a      multiyear      collaboration      that   would         significantly        impact         the         treatment         of         heart         disease         throughout         the         whole   country.   We      are      thrilled      to     have      met      such      enthusiastic      and      dedicated      cardiac      specialists      in   Lima.      We      hope      to      include     them      in      Heart      to      Heart’s      network      of      colleagues      in      the      near   future. As   always,   we   thank   you   for your support – we could not do this without you.