The Stan & Jan Berenstain Healthy Kids Foundation
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The Berenstain Bears’ Hospital Friends
With    Laura’s    help    and    CHOP’s    sponsorship,    Mike    toured    the    hospital, interviewed   staff   and   used   sketches   made   in   every   medical   department   to create   the   book’s   illustrations.   The   book   seeks   to   make   the   hospital   a   more comfortable    place    for    children    to    enter,    as    patients    or    as    visitors,    and highlights   the   skills   and   dedication   of   a   whole   array   of   medical   professionals.     In   addition   to   creating   an   ongoing   means   to   fund   specific   projects   geared towards   the   health   and   recovery   of   young   patients,   The   Stan   and   Jan   Healthy Kids   Foundation   is   also   intended   to   inspire   fans   of   Berenstain   Bears   characters to   promote   and   pass   on   a   sense   of   well-being   and   healing   during   medical ordeals.      This   overarching   message   of   compassion   and   service   to   those   in medical need is also reinforced through Hospital Friends.
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