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In   addition   to   its   many   awards,   CHOP   is   also   remarkable   for   its   unique   program   of family-centered   care,   an   approach   to   healthcare   that   takes   into   account   not   only patients   but   their   parents   and   other   family   members   as   well.   Family-centered   care brings   parents   into   the   decision-making   process   regarding   their   child’s   treatment   and provides   them   with   information   and   support   along   the   way.   For   over   100   years,   CHOP has   employed   social   workers   to   help   families   cope   with   the   challenges   of   coordinating care   for   their   child.   The   Stan   and   Jan   Berenstain   Healthy   Kids   Foundation   is   proud   to partner   with   this   world-renowned   hospital   in   its   efforts   to   support   children’s   health   and wellbeing initiatives.
The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHoP)
Founded   in   1855,   the   Children’s   Hospital   of   Philadelphia   (CHOP)   is   the   nation’s oldest    hospital    devoted    exclusively    to    children’s    health.    With    its    innovative research,   team   of   expert   physicians,   and   numerous   specialized   programs,   CHOP   is consistently considered among the best children’s hospitals in the United States. It   was   awarded   the   #1   spot   in   Parents   magazine’s   2013   survey   of   the   best   children’s hospitals   in   the   country,   the   most   extensive   data-driven   comparison   of   children’s hospitals   to   date.   CHOP   also   placed   first   on   U.S.   News   &   World   Report’s   2014-15 Honor   Roll   of   the   nation’s   Best   Children’s   Hospitals   and   was   ranked   fourth   or   better in each of the ten specialties evaluated by U.S. News