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The   artists   also   collaborate   with   their   subjects   in   determining   the   composition   of   their portrait,    encouraging    patients    to    choose    whatever    clothing    and    pose    felt    most comfortable    to    them.    Exit    interviews    have    demonstrated    that    the    experience    of participating   in   Face   to   Face   has   bolstered   patients’   self-image   and   social   resilience. With   its   innovative   combination   of   art   and   medicine,   Face   to   Face   aligns   perfectly   with the mission of the Stan and Jan Berenstain Healthy Kids Foundation.
Face to Face: The Craniofacial Program Portrait Project The   first   program   to   receive   funding   from   the   Stan   and   Jan   Healthy   Kids   Foundation   is Face    to    Face:    The    Craniofacial    Program    Portrait    Project,    which    uses    the    intimate process   of   portrait   painting   to   help   children   deal   with   the   psychosocial   effects   of craniofacial   conditions   and   to   tell   their   stories   of   perseverance   and   resilience   to   a   world often    obsessed    with    appearances.    The    project    is    a    partnership    between    Studio Incamminati,   School   for   Contemporary   Realist   Art;   The   Craniofacial   Program   at   The Children's   Hospital   of   Philadelphia;   and   the   Edwin   and   Fannie   Gray   Center   for   Human Appearance    at    the    University    of    Pennsylvania .    In    Face    to    Face,    patients    with craniofacial   conditions   are   each   paired   with   an   artist   who   paints   their   portrait   over   the course   of   several   months   and   multiple   sittings,   allowing   the   artists   to   form   a   unique bond with both subject and family.